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Skeptic or Believer?

From Susan Lawler: But yesterday, as I was preparing to deliver a lecture on the evidence for evolution, I looked at the day’s quote and found myself embarking on an involuntary rant. Typically, my students remembered the rant and forgot the lecture. Worryingly, they may not have been able to tell the difference. Hopefully, it [Read More…]

Coffee — Good for Thinking?

We’ve not had a post on coffee for awhile, so today’s the day. Do you find that coffee gets you into a thinking mode? Does it help you concentrate? (Oh, and by the way, we’re in Adelaide Australia, I’m teaching a course at Tabor Adelaide, and one of our aims here is to get some [Read More…]

With a tear in his eye

My presentation at BioLogos… surely a highlight of this academic year was getting to attend the event and offer this presentation. It is a repost of what appeared originally at BioLogos, and this lecture will be spread out this week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. With a Tear in His Eye At the end of [Read More…]

Atonement, Michael Gorman’s Thesis

This post is by Lee Wyatt, who blogs at Marginal Christianity. Sometimes the Answer is Right in Front of Our Noses: A Compelling Case of for “New Covenant Atonement” by Michael Gorman In the welter of talk and writing about “atonement” during the last fifteen years or so, a few things have become clearer while others [Read More…]