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Baseball Nicknames

Baseball is the best sport for nicknames, and I wonder what you favorite baseball nickname is? But, here’s an author who thinks nicknames are disappearing: Imaginative and colorful nicknames for ballplayers, once a baseball staple, are disappearing, going the way of the spitball, the stirrup sock and Sunday doubleheaders. Boston’s Big Papi and Seattle’s King [Read More…]

The Tyranny of Extroversion

William Pannapacker has an exceptional piece in The Chronicle on recent studies on introversion, but it his opening experience that tells perhaps the whole of the story. As the piece rolls along he sketches some studies, one of which makes this significant observation: “According to Cain, the 19th century valued personal character based on seriousness, [Read More…]

Providential Evolution (RJS)

The current issue of Books and Culture contains a review of The Language of Science and Faith by Karl Giberson and Francis S. Collins provided by Alvin Plantinga, the John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the University Notre Dame. I worked through this book a bit over a year ago (March 2011) and [Read More…]

How Pervasive?

This post is from my friend, Patrick Mitchel, a theologian teaching in Dublin at Irish Bible Institute. Patrick teaches theology in a Story-framework, and I look forward to the day when his theology is in print for all of us to read. Being from Europe and writing a post for Jesus Creed, I thought it [Read More…]