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Our Mutt Language, English

From Atlantic: [Read more…]

Authors Putting Down Authors

I read this post about author put-downs, and it goes on all the time… one of the solutions, and it is not easy to sustain, is to read, review and say positive remarks about authors with whom you disagree. But not all care to be peacemakers. I see some who can’t agree with a thing [Read More…]

Youth and a Theology of Suffering

This post is by Syler Thomas, a friend of mine who pastors youth in Chicagoland’s suburbs. Clearly present in Andrew Root’s theology (co-author of The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry with Kenda Creasy Dean) is a focus on the presence of suffering and pain in the world, and God’s connection to it. This is helpful [Read More…]

Theologians Thinking with Scientists

This is the second part of my presentation at BioLogos in March. Theologians thinking with scientists Let me give two examples of topics that are probably safer places to begin that practice of pastors and scientists thinking aloud together. My father was an English public school teacher; my church was fundamentalist; I was armed against [Read More…]