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Evangelicalism Meets Gratitude

Tim Challies thought it was his duty to defend the truth and that meant taking down Ann Voskamp. He ends up calling into question the Bible’s mysticism, the church’s mystics, and those in his own circle. Challies went too far this time. Ann Voskamp, in grace and gratitude, offers a brief reminder that Challies’ heroes [Read More…]

Three Pigs and the Faith

This post is by Syler Thomas. One March afternoon, when I was in the process of figuring out what to write about in my new book Game Plan: Practical Wisdom for the College Experience (co-written by Nic Gibson), I got a call from a former student of mine, a freshman. She was in the middle [Read More…]

Dublin Made Me

This reflection post is by Seán Mullan, a professor at Irish Bible Institute, and makes me wonder — and ask you today — about the connection of place to our formation. How does your location shape you? Dublin Made Me Dublin made me…. the Dublin of old statutes, this arrogant city stirs proudly and secretly [Read More…]