MissioLife: Scripture Reads You

One of the best ideas I ever encountered was when I read a book that explained the difference between reading the Bible informationally vs. reading the Bible formationally. The book was by Robert Mulholland and it was a great blessing to me — I’ve not taught again the same way. Yes, we need to know [Read More...]

Finding a Way for Foster Kids

From USAToday, by Bill McCleery: That’s when a friend told her about a program called Connected by 25, which leases 44 homes in Indianapolis reserved for young people exiting foster care. Now, as a client, she lives in an apartment in Indianapolis. “It’s a place of my own,” she said, sitting on a couch and [Read More...]

Uncertainty, Openness, and the Action of God (RJS)

Part two of the new book God and the Cosmos: Divine Activity in Space, Time and History by Harry Lee Poe and Jimmy H. Davis asks questions about the way God interacts with the world. They begin with a brief discussion of the features of modern cosmology – the physics and chemistry behind the emergence [Read More...]

When Grace Creates Forgiveness

I give a big clap to Tim Challies for his recent reconsideration of his review of Ann Voskamp’s book. Not because he has “changed his mind,” but because he recontextualized reading and reviewing: it is about the words — read that closely — the extension of another person in words, in this case a sister [Read More...]

Dissenting Voices Silenced

Kevin Hargaden works for http://www.maynoothcommunitychurch.ie a small church in the suburbs of Dublin and is preparing for ordination with the http://www.presbyterianireland.org Presbyterian Church in Ireland. He blogs at http://www.hargaden.com/kevinCreideamh and is a board member of the http://www.ibi.ie (IBI). When my elder brother got married almost ten years ago, the priest who celebrated the service made [Read More...]