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Slow Church and the iPhone

John Pattison, at Slow Church, asks a good question that I wish all of us would ask … In a 2007 interview with Arthur Boers, the philosopher Albert Borgmann makes the case that television is of moral importance. Borgmann says: “When I teach my ethics course I tell these relatively young people that the most [Read More…]

How the Copts Pick a Pope

Kevin Hargaden works for a small church in the suburbs of Dublin and is preparing for ordination with the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. He blogs at Creideamh and is a board member of the IBI. One of the most interesting aspects of observing the uprising in Egypt last year from Dublin was the way in [Read More…]

That Model Student

What do we do with the “model student” in youth ministries? It’s very common for youth pastors to use phrases like “Sarah is an unbelievable student. If only I could have a dozen just like her.” Students like Sarah show up for every event, have a great attitude, and  I have definitely said these kinds [Read More…]