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Is it Bigotry?

A friend of mine, Mike Bird, from Australia, recently posted on a bit of a dust-up in Australia. The issue becomes this question: if same sex marriage is legitimated/legalized why not polyamory? Another way of framing it: What constitutes marriage? Intention and commitment or intention-within-constraints of man and woman? Mike’s comment: If you are going [Read More…]

Gardening Questions

We’ve been gone for two weeks, and arrived to a bounty crop of Kale and Swiss Chard … now our questions: 1. How to prepare each for salads? What do we cut off, leave on, etc? 2. How else to eat each? Thanks. [Read more…]

If Jesus Came to… What would he do first?

This post is by Syler Thomas. A number of years back, the Christian media group Bluefish TV made a brilliant satirical video pointing out some Christians’ tendency to disengage from “the real world” and create the perfect Christian bubble. You can watch it here: In chapter six of Game Plan (a new “college prep” book [Read More…]

The Story of a Centrist

This is from Jonathan Merritt, and we are pleased that we received permission from him to post this excerpt from his new book A Faith of Our Own. I became an environmentalist at a Southern Baptist Seminary. Few people on the planet can say that. I was sitting in a theology class listening to a [Read More…]

When the Church Lost its Voice

A friend of mine, a church-planting pastor, when he and his core group planted their church, told me one of their aims was that the community would come to respect them enough that whenever major community decisions were made they’d want to know what the church thought. Their aim, then, was to become a faithful [Read More…]