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Adelaide to Sydney

At the kind invitation of Tabor Adelaide I taught an intensive course in their postgrad program on the gospel. This was our first trip to Adelaide and we (Kris and I) thoroughly enjoyed it, and the class was fantastic. Graham picked us up at the airport and got us near Victoria Square to our hotel. [Read More…]

Frank Viola on Sectarians at the Table

From Frank Viola: When I was in my early 20s, I had wonderful fellowship with an older brother in Christ who was part of the Plymouth Brethren. We disagreed on a few doctrines (I didn’t buy into the pretibulational rapture theory, and I believed that God still healed people supernaturally). That aside, we both held [Read More…]

John Fea: On the Road about Christian American

From John Fea’s blog: As many of the readers of my blog, “The Way of Improvement Leads Home,” are aware, I have spent a good portion of 2011 and 2012 on the road and on the radio waves promoting my book Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? In the process, I have learned a lot [Read More…]

Ten Reasons to Attend Seminary

Many of you know that I will begin as a faculty member at Northern Seminary, in Lombard IL, this Fall.  I will be teaching Synoptic Gospels, New Testament Theology, Paul, Kingdom of God, and the Ethics of Jesus — and I am very excited about teaching each of these courses. I began my career teaching seminary [Read More…]

What is “Ministry”?

A professor once asked a group of ministry students to give key words describing pastoral ministry. What were the top words in their list? (Now, before you read on, what word comes to mind for you?) The words were preaching, fellowship, service, worship and diversity. What are you favorite words for ministry? Graham Buxton, who [Read More…]