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Gen-Xers and Religion

By Michelle Boorstein (HT: SS) Generation X-ers — people born between 1965 and 1972 — are bucking previous demographic trends by becoming less religiously affiliated and less Republican even as they’ve aged, according to one of the biggest surveys of American religiosity. The data released Thursday by Trinity College also show the percentage of Gen X-ers who [Read More…]

Daniel Kirk: When Silence is Yella

By Daniel Kirk, from CBE: “Sometimes silence is golden. Sometimes, it’s just plain yella’.” That one-liner is one of my summary takeaways from Christians for Biblical Equality’s conference in Houston. The gathering was a multifaceted engagement with God’s calling of women into all ministries of the church: there was teaching, digging into scripture, and, perhaps [Read More…]

Birth Control

Albert Mohler, President of Southern Seminary, opens up a big bag of issues in his post on birth control and the evangelical. What are the issues here? Is this a moral problem for evangelicals? Do you think this is a problem? What is your view on birth control? The effective separation of sex from procreation [Read More…]

Creation, According to God … as Told to Job (RJS)

Much of the ink spilled over questions of science and creation concentrates on the interpretation of Genesis 1-3 with a nod to Romans chapter 5 (and perhaps to chapter 8). Creation in scripture isn’t limited to these passages though.  A couple of years ago I posted on a book by William P. Brown, The Seven [Read More…]

When your child goes off to college, they need you

This post is by Syler Thomas. I’m wrapping up a series on preparing for college, in light of my new book Game Plan: Practical Wisdom for the College Experience (co-written by Nic Gibson, foreword by Scot McKnight). This is a book nine years in the making, begun when Nic and I were working together in [Read More…]