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Shy Cockatoo

It was suggested that we go to the Sydney Zoo. My response, “Are you kidding? The birds in the wild here are in our zoos, that means our North America common stuff will be in your zoos.” [Read more…]

Daydream Believer: Are You? I am.

From Jonah Lehrer: Humans are a daydreaming species. According to a recent study led by the Harvard psychologists Daniel Gilbert and Matthew A. Killingsworth, people let their minds wander forty-seven per cent of the time they are awake. (The scientists demonstrated this by developing an iPhone app that contacted twenty-two hundred and fifty volunteers at random [Read More…]

Eugenics, Today

Ross Douthat: THE current issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine includes a portrait of Irving Fisher, a Yale economics professor in the 1920s and ’30s and a giant of his field. The author, Richard Conniff, takes note of Fisher’s prodigious professional accomplishments and his private decency in order to foreground the real subject of his article: [Read More…]

Among Creationists

What happens to a mathematician or science-type who decides out of curiosity to spend gobs of time — weekends, conferences, reading time — with the creationists? Their number, as the recent Gallup poll indicated (though this book refines those numbers a bit), is not small. What happens when you spend time with creationists? Jason Rosenhouse, [Read More…]

You, We, Me

What is the church? When someone uses the word “church” what comes to mind? Here are some typical answers: the church is a brick and mortar building; the church is a particular denomination or non-denomination; the church is about the pastors and priests and musicians and leaders; the church is the mission of the church; [Read More…]