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Those Black Blotches are Bats!

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Yes, but…

Yes, that’s where this stuff happens in the brain, but that doesn’t mean … it is caused there. From PS by Nate and Sam Kornell: That’s the headline the Huffington Post ran with after a team of neuroscientists discovered that profound religious and spiritual experiences light up discrete portions of the brain. That the media termed [Read More…]

Don’t Ordain Women? Don’t Baptize Them!

From Daniel Kirk at CBE: Joshua wasn’t sure how far things should go. He liked that Moses led. He liked standing guard while Moses entered the tent and served as mediator. He didn’t like it when Moses’ ground was encroached upon. But Moses had a different vision: “A young man ran and told Moses, ‘Eldad [Read More…]

Conversations in Creation … We Can Make a Difference! (RJS)

Scot put up an interesting post yesterday Among Creationists commenting on a book  Among the Creationists: Dispatches from the Anti-Evolutionist Front Line by Jason Rosenhouse. The impact that creationism with its focus on a culture war has within the church and outside the church is huge. We need to open a serious discussion of the [Read More…]

Works Both Ways

We hear it all the time, and it is often from the lips of the new atheists, but they aren’t the exclusive voice here. “Religion causes more war and suffering than atheism does.” Jeffrey Burton Russell, in his book, Exposing Myths about Christianity, takes this claim on. He opens with this: “It is deliberate disinformation” [Read More…]