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Belief in Afterlife and Worldviews

Tomas Rees: Kevin Flannelly, at the Spears Research Institute in New York, and colleagues assessed data from the 2010 Baylor Religion Survey to see whether belief in the afterlife was linked to different world views. He found that positive beliefs about the afterlife (belief that the afterlife means a union with God, a reunion with loved ones, [Read More…]

Footsteps of Jesus and the Apostles

Official Announcement of our Tour of the Footsteps of Jesus and the Apostles. The big picture: we will fly into Instanbul (Constantinople), tour some of the cities of Peter and Paul and John in Asia Minor, fly to Tel Aviv, get a bus to Nazareth, Jesus’ home town, and then the unique part of this [Read More…]

Saving Civilization

Something happened in the churches of America in the 1930s and 1940s, and that something has changed the church dramatically. It has changed society and our social perceptions. That something is what Thomas Bergler calls the “juvenilization” of the church. In his new book, The Juvenilization of American Christianity, Bergler maps how in the wake [Read More…]

Social Group and Moral Decisions

Post by Ann F-R. This is post #4 on The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion, by Jonathan Haidt. We face a dilemma: studies evidence that our moral thinking aims more to justify our choices than to guide us into virtuous paths. We would rather be thought of as virtuous [Read More…]