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If you are an optimist (sunny brain), or even if you are not, this explanation might help: optimism is connected the pleasure center in the brain. Would this kind of study then suggest that pessimism is shaped by some lack in the pleasure center? Or that pessimists can be “rewired” through the pleasure center? Because [Read More…]

Evangelicalism and Partisanship Politics

Jonathan Merritt nails it here: the evangelical voice has grown strangely silent on Romney’s Mormon faith, and it is for one reason: politics too often matters more. If the past is any indicator, their fears may be founded. In 1998, the Southern Baptist Convention held its annual meeting in Salt Lake City, the symbolic and [Read More…]

America’s Premier Heresy

The “most influential work of popular theology published this century…” What is it? I disagree with Ross Douthat’s answer (in his book Bad Religion) to this question because I don’t think that book has been influential even if it has been wildly popular. The issue here is how to define “influential.” By now you may [Read More…]

Experiencing a Creation Conference

Jason Rosenhouse went to the Creation Mega-Conference at Lynchburg in 2005, and he wrote up some short chapters in response to the event (in his book Among the Creationists). Remember, Rosenhouse is a mathematics professors, an atheist, and curious — to know what makes creationists tick. For his readers, he sketches both evolution and creationism. [Read More…]