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Mr. Mom’s Battles

From AP: NEW YORK (AP) – Hey, Mr. Mom. What’s up, Workaholic? Whether they say it out loud or acknowledge it at all, that work-home divide traditionally reserved for the Mommy Wars can also rear between dads who go off to the office every day and the kind in the trenches with the kids. There [Read More…]

Thoughts on Penal Substitution

This post is by Morgan Guyton, and it has enough in it along our themes today to help our conversation along. I’ve often wondered if the same thing that makes violent video games appealing is why young evangelical guys are so infatuated with penal substitution theology. I figure a scary bad-ass God is cool for [Read More…]

On Divine Child Abuse

About a decade ago it became avant garde theology to contend the classical Christian theory of atonement was nothing less than divine child abuse. That is, the image of a Father punishing a Son, or exacting retribution at the expense of his own Son, or punishing a Son for the good of others — each [Read More…]

“The Wrath of God Satisfied”

The title for this post comes from the line in the hymn that has this before it: “And on that Cross, where Jesus died.” We’ve got rhythm and we’ve got rhyme, but do we have NT theology? Back in the 1950s and 1960s C.H. Dodd and L.L. Morris locked horns on this one: Dodd said [Read More…]