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A Pervasive Issue in Parenting

From Elizabeth Kolbert: It’s a fact. American children are not as responsible as children elsewhere, and even more not as responsible as they need to be to enter into the work force as adults. What are we doing about this? What’s the #1 suggestion for you? Ochs and Izquierdo noted, in their paper on the [Read More…]

A Colossal Shift

Exodus International has been known for rescuing gays and lesbians, healing them, and reordering their sexual lives toward heterosexuality. They have not made overly extravagant claims for success but if anyone group has this reputation it is Exodus International. Until now. I consider this news to be evidence of a colossal shift with Exodus International. [Read More…]

Knowing-Doing Connection Examined

This post is by Ann F-R, and it concerns Jonathan Haidt’s new book, The Righteous Mind, a book exposing how minds work — or how minds don’t work — and how irrational forces are often at work in our decisions, leading us to justify more than to think. In Scot’s Weekly Meanderings on June 16th, [Read More…]