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Changes, Some Big, for Colleges

This bit of news could influence many colleges and programs: The U.S. Department of Education intends to crack down on postsecondary career programs that can’t demonstrate that enough graduates have found “gainful employment,” a move some for-profit colleges say could cost thousands of students the opportunity for a better future. Amid much controversy, the feds [Read More…]


What do you think of this Francis Chan video about aging? [Read more…]

A Lawyer Evaluates Supreme Court Decision

American Christians and the Health Care Decision David Opderbeck is Professor of Law and Director of the Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology at Seton Hall University Law School.  He is also a doctoral candidate in philosophical theology at the University of Nottingham. Thursday last week the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in [Read More…]

Megachurch “Pastor”

A Singapore pastor has been arrested for swiping to the tune of 23 million dollars. Others are implicated. This set off a round of internet comment, including one that made the uncharitably audacious and (sadly) outrageous claim that all megachurch pastors are manipulative and deceptive. A friend of mine then posted a comment worth examining. [Read More…]