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It’s about the twitter feed

This story reports the level of misinformation or ignorance about the ACA decision by SCOTUS, but that’s because the majority of young adults don’t watch news, don’t read newspapers, don’t read … they rely on their twitter feed — and it’s full — for incoming information. So I would not say this is “staggering [Read More…]

What’s on the grill?

What are you grilling for the 4th of July? We really like to grill asparagus, peppers, quartered onions, and some squash. And, of course, burgers but especially salmon burgers. What do you think of cedar plank grilling? Good smell but we can’t say the taste is that noticeable. But I have to admit: I like [Read More…]

Lolly and I

Did you see this post at The Weed — coming out as a gay man in a happy heterosexual marriage (his wife makes some comments in the post too) … well, you can read the whole (rather longish) post and drop your comments here. Lolly and I are sitting by a pool in the blazing [Read More…]

A Good Fourth of July Memory

By Marilyn Price-Mitchell: The 4th of July rarely passes without my remembering one of the most moving renditions of the Star Spangled Banner I’ve ever witnessed. It made me proud to live in small-town America and to be connected to something greater than myself. It also made me aware of how our coming together in community [Read More…]