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An Open Letter to the GOP (by T Freeman)

An Open Letter to My Fellow Republicans: Here are his questions: Are these real differences I see?  Was it me that changed or the party, or did I just realize (late) what was always there?  Regardless, should I stay (GOP) or should I go (Independent), or have I already gone? I’ve been a Republican for 20 [Read More…]

Advance Notice for Pastors

Pastors, next Monday (July 9), I will have a post about theological shifts by pastors — and the discomfort this can bring to them in their churches, and to their churches about their theology. This may be a day when you will have to comment anonymously, but I’d like you to come prepared next Monday [Read More…]

On the President’s Faith

Do you agree with the direction of this article? John Blake, at Does a president’s religious faith make any difference in how he governs? “I don’t think so,” says Grinder, author of “The Presidents and Their Faith,” which examines the faith of all American presidents. “If I asked George W. Bush what he thought [Read More…]

What Visitors See First

Thom Rainer, a church consultant, describes what visitors to “church” see when they attend … there are issues here about buildings and what church means, but that sort of discussion aside, most churches are the sort where what visitors see matters. So here is Rainer’s list: After two decades of church consultation, a clear pattern [Read More…]

Are You There God? It’s Us, Scientists (RJS)

The staff at BioLogos has but together a couple of infographics illustrating the various positions taken on science, the Christian faith and evolution. You can find more information about the graphic and the data that went into the graphic here. The original posts at BioLogos encourage people to share the graphics with anyone and everyone, [Read More…]

Becoming Missional

I hear it all over the place, and I’ve had pastors ask me to define “missional” and I’ve had college students say “that’s SO missional…” and so it’s time to take a quick look at the term and then at a new book by Don Everts, Go and Do: Becoming a Missional Christian. I begin [Read More…]