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On Michelle Obama’s Faith

From The Blaze: I totally agree: the church that can’t speak into politics, is not the church of the Jesus who preached the kingdom; the gospel that is not inherently political — Jesus is King after all – isn’t the apostolic gospel. And the distinction between “political” and “partisan” is crucial here, and so is [Read More…]

On Obama’s Faith

From John Blake, at Anyone who doubts that a president’s faith remains important to the American people has only to look at the experiences of Obama. Obama has declared his Christianity in his biography, and in many speeches. He evoked it recently when he came out in support of same-sex marriages. But arguably no [Read More…]

Marks of the Church: Driscoll’s Proposal

If you had to list the top five “marks” of the church, what would they be? Mark Driscoll, standing in a line since the Reformation of “marks” of the church (where preaching got some prominence — prior to that it was “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic”) — and joining some more recent voices (like Mark [Read More…]

Instead of the Sinner’s Prayer…

I’ve been asked more than once What do you say, then, when you are calling people to … here the words matter but I don’t want to parse them at this point … decision? I have observed, with David Platt, that the Sinner’s Prayer is neither here nor there; it’s not the point; it can [Read More…]

Intelligent Design’s Major Criticism

I want to propose, before I get to the substance of today’s post, a model for understanding how scientific theories change. There is word on the street that scientists are always changing their minds, that their models shift paradigmatically, etc, so therefore their conclusions and knowledge are limited, slanted and even erroneous. That science changes [Read More…]