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Anyone tasted a good tomato lately?

We were in Sorrento at lunch one day and decided to have bruschetta — and the color of the tomatoes were deep, glowing red, but the taste of the tomatoes was otherworldly. An Italian friend of mine told me his father had visited him here and asked what was wrong the tomatoes — he said [Read More…]

Conservatives and the ACA

From Urban Faith, by Christine Scheller, and this is but a small clip … read the whole thing: On Tuesday, someone asked me what I thought of the Supreme Court ruling on the ACA. I took a deep breath and said I was glad it wasn’t struck down, because I need affordable health insurance sooner [Read More…]

They Don’t Believe Because Your God Isn’t Desirable

This post is by our friend Jeff Cook… They Don’t Believe Because Your God Isn’t Desirable I watched the recent debate between William Lane Craig, a Christian, and Sam Harris an Atheist. The debate (seen Here) was over the foundations of morality. The Christian addressed the philosophical question at hand with skill and insight. By [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Protecting Water in California! Wyndy Corbin Reuschling unleashes against the Christian silence on an ethic for the common good — and the place to begin is — yes — Israel’s laws demanding Israelites to surrender some of what they raised and earned for the good of the poor (we call that taxes today): “What has [Read More…]