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Civilian Aid to Afghanistan

From USA Today: TOKYO (AP) – The Obama administration will ask Congress to sustain U.S. assistance for Afghanistan near the average amount it has been over the last decade through 2017 as part of the international effort to stabilize the country even as most international forces pull out over the next two years. U.S. Secretary of [Read More…]

Work and Home (=More Work)

From Sarah Perez: Have you ever read news that sort of makes you want to cry? I have to warn you, that’s what this new study from enterprise mobility company Good Technology might inspire. The company polled 1,000 U.S. workers to get a better understanding of their mobile work habits. The results are not surprising: the line [Read More…]

Spare the Rod… Healthier Child?

From USA Today, but of course not all agree (by the way, I recommend William Webb, Corporal Punishment in the Bible, if you want to see someone take on this issue with some hermeneutical finesse): Children who are spanked, hit, or pushed as a means of discipline may be at an increased risk of mental [Read More…]

When Pastors Shift Theology

My questions are these: Does your church tolerate theological shifts on the part of the pastor? Do you know what your pastor/s believe about crucial topics? Pastors: What are your stories? Have you struggled? Where can you find a safe place for discussing your shifts, your theology, etc.? What happens if you, as a pastor, [Read More…]

The Deity Question

Mike Nappa did a survey of 845 Christian teenagers, The Jesus Survey, and asked them the deity question — in particular, he asked if they thought Jesus was God. I have some quibbles with his own theological explanation and one of the questions, but the numbers below may surprise some but shouldn’t surprise those who [Read More…]