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Peace in Israel Today

Roger Cohen: LONDON — Let’s say a few unsayable things. It’s worth doing because no Middle East peace is going to be built on coy evasions, competitive victimhood or wishful thinking.The first unsayable thing is that there is no “right of return” in history. Life moves on; it does not double back. Turks are not [Read More…]

Banning Those Wearing Perfume?

I like the idea — some of that stuff is just too sharp and smelly and, sheesh, it makes my eyes water and nose wince. Tuttle, Okla., warns on its website and in signs that visitors to City Hall must “remain at the front of the building” if they’re wearing fragrances. “Every now and then, you [Read More…]

The Megachurch “Pastor”: Megachurch Pastor Responds

From a friend, a pastor of a megachurch, George Davis, in Hershey PA. As a pastor of a larger church, I read with interest your recent posts discussing whether a megachurch pastor is really a “pastor.”  I appreciated your response stressing the presence of multiple pastors in a congregation.  However, I wonder if there isn’t [Read More…]

The Whole Sweep of Scripture (RJS)

I’ve run through a few different titles for this post – perhaps “I’ve Found the Solution!” … or even more provocatively “We’ve Been Suckered?” … among others. I’ve settled, however, for a relatively sedate title. The ideas are things I’ve been mulling for a while but given the posts Scot put up Sunday on Teenage [Read More…]

Social Media Advice (Danny Zacharias)

From Danny Zacharias. Danny Zacharias is a lecturer in Biblical studies at Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville, NS. He is a PhD candidate at Highland Theological College in Scotland, runs 2 websites (one and two) and tweets @da_knee. Some Social Media Advice for Seminarians Social media has changed the way we interact with one another. Sometimes [Read More…]