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The Most Common Edits

Carol Saller, from The Chronicle: Here are the issues my colleagues and I spend the most time on in the main text, in reverse order of how much labor they require. 10. Spacing. Although unwanted spaces are surely the most pervasive blemish, I spend little time fixing them, because my cleanup macro does it for [Read More…]

Are Women’s Bodies Warmer than Men’s

Kris and I have been married going on 40 years, and I would contend that women’s bodies are warmer — that she likes the home warmer than do I. But this study says that’s not true. What say you? Holding a body close to you, it’s easy to appreciate the warmth a human body can [Read More…]

Discernment (Stephen Spence)

This post is by Stephen Spence, Dean at Tabor Adelaide. Acts 15, a Model Church Meeting I would have started out on the wrong side of the greatest debate in the history of the church! I just hope that I would have had the good grace to end up on God’s side by the end [Read More…]

Resurrection Faith

Mike Nappa did a survey of 845 Christian teenagers, The Jesus Survey, and asked them if Jesus was raised from the dead, that is, if he came back to life. Once again, Nappa makes statements, provides answers from strongly agree to strongly disagree, and then plots the results. He also seeks to probe the issue [Read More…]