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Coffee Drinkers, Yes

From The Atlantic: These days, coffee is practically a universal part of our modern workplace condition. Many of us harbor some secret fear that the gallons of brown liquid we’re slurping every day is doing us no good. We cling to scraps of evidence — like this one suggesting coffee contributes to your daily recommended fluid [Read More…]

The Lost Art

There are some arts that have been lost, none more than diagramming sentences. Some have already clicked to another blog, others have said “You idiot, diagramming isn’t an art, it’s mind-numbing nonsense!” I beg to differ, but I get to my differ from a different angle. I, too, hated diagramming sentence in junior and senior [Read More…]

No it is Not a “God Particle”! (RJS)

But it is Still Very Interesting…   The Higgs Boson has been making the news lately – the “discovery” of the particle at 125-126 GeV was reported last week following analysis of data obtained in the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.  It is not the God Particle, and [Read More…]

Baptists and the Bible

This post is by professor of theology at Vose Seminary, Michael O’Neil. Baptists and the Bible 1 In January 2009, an international group of Baptist scholars gathered in Cardiff, U.K. to explore the theory and practice of Baptist hermeneutics; the result of their meeting was an excellent collection of essays published by Mercer University Press [Read More…]