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On American Exceptionalism

Here’s a good collection by Uri Friedman of major statements in the history of the USA on it’s exceptionalism. On the campaign trail, Mitt Romney contrasts his vision of American greatness with what he claims is Barack Obama’s proclivity for apologizing for it. The “president doesn’t have the same feelings about American exceptionalism that we do,” [Read More…]

Quiet Leadership (Brian Harris)

Guest Blog by Brian Harris (see at the bottom of the post for more details): Quiet Leadership If you have ever ruled yourself out as a leader because you aren’t a dynamic, upfront person, you might find Badaracco’s Leading Quietly liberating. Badaracco has made a study of quiet leadership where he argues that the leadership [Read More…]

Discernment (Matt Gray)

Matt Gray is a professor at Tabor Adelaide. Discernment by Matt Gray: Good looking Heretics In the 1987 movie, Broadcast News, Jane falls for the handsome but sloppy Tom. When she admits this to her best friend, Aaron, he tells her: ‘I know you care about him… but I believe that Tom, while a very [Read More…]