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Brooks on Education: A New Kind of Diversity

David Brooks, on the need for a new kind of diversity: Schools have to engage people as they are. That requires leaders who insist on more cultural diversity in school: not just teachers who celebrate cooperation, but other teachers who celebrate competition; not just teachers who honor environmental virtues, but teachers who honor military virtues; [Read More…]

On Hiring Friends

Interesting report here by Jordan Weissmann: Anyone care to speak up? Everyone prefers going work with people they like. That’s just natural. But it’s also one of the reasons certain industries tend to get dominated by old boys’ clubs. Exhibit A: Wall Street. Now, a new working paper out of Harvard University suggests there’s another downside [Read More…]

Lament (Graham Buxton)

Graham Buxton, whose book Dancing in the Dark, I recently blogged about on this blog, is a professor at Tabor Adelaide (and you can find him at Fuller Theological Seminary, too). Lament by Graham Buxton: Lament and Remembrance in Ministry Behind the deep cries of lament that afflict us all at times lie the pain [Read More…]

The Way, but Only One Way?

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again and now: one of the most pressing issues facing youth ministry and the Christian church, if not the issue, is religious pluralism and universalism. Is there only one way to God, through Jesus, or not? The issue sorts into things like exclusivism (one way), inclusivism (one [Read More…]