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Conflict in Israel

Aron Heller, from AP: JERUSALEM (AP) – Deep in the heart of Mea Shearim, a Jerusalem bastion of hardline ultra-Orthodox Jews, hundreds of bearded young men in black suits have their noses burrowed into books, immersed in biblical study and oblivious to their surroundings. They are the creme de la creme of a cloistered community, [Read More…]

What are the politics of the term “evangelical”?

By Michael J. Altman: The real question for historians of American religion and especially historians of American evangelicalism is “what are the politics of the category evangelical?” Why do we want more African Americans in a list of evangelicals? Why do we want more women? Because it is a privileged category. It is also a constructed category. [Read More…]

Those Who Doubt (RJS)

Michael Patton had an interesting post over at Credo House last Friday. This is not surprising, as he often has good stuff, well worth reading, on this blog. For that matter, the whole Credo House concept is fascinating and has great potential. I don’t see eye-to-eye with Michael on some issues (he would say the [Read More…]

Technology (Aaron Chambers)

Aaron Chambers is a professor and administrator at Tabor Adelaide. Technology by Aaron Chalmers: When horses and chariots were new In the world of ancient Israel horses and chariots were a relatively new military technology, having made their debut in Egypt and the Hittite kingdom during the mid-second millennium BC. Overall, however, the OT displays [Read More…]