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Thank You

The Gospel Coalition and Jared Wilson have done the right thing and have removed the offensive post. Let me say this again: the post was offensive to women and inappropriate language for the marriage bed. When I read the post the first time, what came to my mind was this observation: No way does this [Read More…]

Alternative Insurance

From USAToday: INDIANAPOLIS — Ellery Hunsley doesn’t have health insurance. But eight years ago, when his daughter went through treatment for a brain tumor, the assistant pastor at a local church didn’t worry about the medical bills. Hunsley paid every bill out of pocket, largely thanks to the help of strangers — people who, like [Read More…]

Our Prayers for Aurora Colorado

We are deeply saddened to hear about the senseless, reckless murder of movie goers in Aurora Colorado. The whole Jesus Creed blog community offers its sympathy, prayers and grace to the families of all. [Read more…]

Clock Time, Event Time

By Frank Partnoy: Clock time is largely determined by the rotation of the Earth, and the rising and setting of the sun. But the hour, 60 minutes, is entirely arbitrary. It is an unnatural fraction of a day, a legacy of Babylonian math, which was built on base 60, and of the Egyptians’ derivative preference [Read More…]

When Pastors Doubt

Pastors often find themselves ministering to people who assume the pastor believes just what they believe about something. Often enough the parishioner doesn’t ask “You agree with me, don’t you?” or even ask the pastor to sign on the line for some belief, but sometimes that does happen. This kind of incongruence is not uncommon, [Read More…]

Hugging the Rock

From Mimi Hadad, President of Christians for Biblical Equality: Analogies can be powerful tools that bring clarity to complex issues. Educators suggest that metaphors and analogies enable individuals to grasp quickly the essential elements of logic in what are otherwise complicated discussions. Perhaps this is one reason Jesus used metaphors and analogies when explaining spiritual [Read More…]