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Summer Fun for Kids — at what price?

From USA Today: How about you? How much do you spend? Is this become a pressure to conform to what other families are doing? Americans are expected to spend more than $600 per child, on average, to keep their kids entertained this summer, according to the results of the latest American Express Spending and Savings tracker. [Read More…]

Can Women Have it All? The Leadership Gap

Informed, insightful, sometimes despairing, heartfelt, and deadly honest reflection by Ann-Marie Slaughter: We’d like to hear how women have experienced the dilemmas of mothering and vocation, and wonder how men have adjusted so that together, a family can promote career satisfaction… which makes me wonder if “career” culture needs to be adjusted by males/fathers toward [Read More…]

God’s Yes

One of the purest gospel passages in the entire New Testament, 2 Corinthians 1, can be reduced to one word that describes the dynamic, glorious, inexpressible implication of the gospel: that word is Yes. In Christ God says Yes to the divine plan for the world, to the covenant with Israel, to the Trinitarian covenant, [Read More…]

“Personal” Relationship with Jesus?

John Suk, in his book Not Sure, a book about a pastor struggling with doubt and faith, spares no softeners when he turns to the widespread belief that the essence of Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus. His contentions are the following: 1. There is no theoretical consensus what this means. 2. Different religious [Read More…]