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Asian American Faith(s)

From USA Today: Asian Americans are “the fastest-growing race group, and they are bringing with them a diversity of faiths,” says Cary Funk, senior researcher for Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, which released the report today. The survey of 3,511 adults, conducted in English and seven Asian languages, was large enough to establish [Read More…]

The Problem with Online Education?

From Mark Edmundson: But can online education ever be education of the very best sort? It’s here that the notion of students teaching teachers is illuminating. As a friend and fellow professor said to me: “You don’t just teach students, you have to learn ’em too.” It took a minute — it sounded like he [Read More…]

The Bible, Our Constitution?

Some Christians do treat the Bible as a lawbook (I wrote about this in Blue Parakeet) and in Brian McLaren’s A New Kind of Christianity a challenge was given to treating the Bible as a constitution. By which Brian mostly meant a lawbook, but I have been reading Jack Balkin’s book, Living Originalism (Harvard, 2011), and I wonder [Read More…]

Intelligent Design, Irreducible Complexity

Darwin unleashed a new kind of science, if I may call it that; his theories have been taken up, expanded, proven to be true, adjusted, refashioned, etc, over time to the kind of science we have today. Intelligent Design folks, led by people like Michael Behe, contend Darwinian science is lacking and, in fact, they [Read More…]