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Cubs vs. Cards

Tomorrow Kris and I will make our annual trek to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs vs. the Cards. My father is a Cards fan, and the only person he’s ever cheered for on the Cubs was my son, Lukas, when he was playing in the Cubs organization. One of my father’s former students, way [Read More…]

An Australian Story: Oranges and Sunshine

Michael O’Neil, from Perth, has found a soft spot in this blog: I am woefully unconversant when it comes to movies. So, when someone sends us a post about movies, we’re all over it! Thanks Michael. America mostly attends movies on Fridays and Saturdays — so far as I know — so here we go… [Read More…]

Bruce at 62

From The New Yorker: What’s your favorite Springsteen song? Nearly half a century ago, when Elvis Presley was filming “Harum Scarum” and “Help!” was on the charts, a moody, father-haunted, yet uncannily charismatic Shore rat named Bruce Springsteen was building a small reputation around central Jersey as a guitar player in a band called the [Read More…]

Listening to Chinese Christians (RJS)

Tim Stafford had an article Listening to Chinese Christians in the March/April issue of Books and Culture on a book by Liao Yiwu, God Is Red. Liao Yiwu is a poet, street musician, and chronicler of modern China who has persisted in antagonizing the Chinese government. After the Tiananmen Square massacre he wrote a protest [Read More…]

Is Roman Catholic Theology Biblical Theology?

Matthew Levering, a Catholic theologian at Dayton University, examines Christian eschatology in the Catholic tradition but first asks if that theology is biblical (Jesus and the Demise of Death: Resurrection, Afterlife, and the Fate of the Christian, Baylor, 2012). What we also are treated to in this clear and versatile academic book is direct engagement [Read More…]