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The Other Way to the Olympics

Missy Franklin‘s way to the Olympics was from home: One of America’s new sweethearts is rewriting the conventional rules on how young athletes and their families must sacrifice for their sport. The 17-year-old Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin did not follow the standard, and much derided, formula for training. She did not abandon her home [Read More…]

King Jesus Gospel for Kids

This is by Ben Irwin, and is a beautiful rendition of the king Jesus gospel, written for his daughter Elizabeth. The King Jesus story It all began with God. God made everything you can see. (And even some things you can’t see!) God made the world to be his home. Then God made the very [Read More…]

Church Decline in Canada

By Margaret Wente, who sounds a bit like Ross Douthat: Two weeks from now, the United Church of Canada will assemble in Ottawa for its 41st General Council, where it will debate church policy and elect a new moderator. The top item on its agenda is a resolution calling for a boycott of products from [Read More…]

Trust and Religious Institutions

From NPR: Is it possible to follow Jesus and turn away from the church? Something is happening when it comes to religion in America. Though more Americans go to church or believe in God than their counterparts in virtually every other Western country, fewer Americans now trust religious institutions. A recent Gallup pollshowed that just 44 [Read More…]

Douthat, Bass and Christianity’s Culture Wars

Ross Douthat, whose book Bad Religion I posted about on this blog, has been given some serious pushback by Diana Butler Bass, whose book Christianity after Religion I may well blog about too. (Here’s a recent post by Douthat linking to the others.) Two claims: Douthat thinks mainline Christianity’s demise is due to its lack of moorings [Read More…]

Preaching: Raiding or Reading?

I have a very brief post, and it concerns how and what we preach. Observing internet sermons, reading sermons by famous pastors and the like, I see two sorts of preaching (there are of course more and nuances between them — and good lectionary preaching is a combination of both): Do you think we need [Read More…]