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Rob Bell Quotes

This is from Carson T. Clark, and makes for some fun reading: I know it can be hard to believe that such a perspective exists, but when it comes to Rob Bell I’m neither an ardent supporter nor an impassioned critic. I’m a hardlining moderate as per usual. All of that having been said, here [Read More…]

Theology in the Pub

Rob Kerby, at, sketches some instances of theology occurring in pubs. Theology at the Pub is a popular weekly event in Melbourne, Australia, aimed at “amateur theologians aged between 18 and 40 and any clergy who wish to enjoy a drink or two with anyone younger than the average parishioner.” In Norfolk, Virginia, Holy [Read More…]

Junia’s Friends

The women who are mentioned in the New Testament, not to mention the many, many names of women in the Old Testament whose names are mostly unknown to Christians today, are often scratches on the surface of a deeper story. Patient reading of such texts often yields considerable information, and I have made the case [Read More…]

Immediately after Death, What Happens?

Following a sermon one day a person waited around until everyone had left and he asked me this: “My father was a Christian; he died last week; we buried him Monday. Where is he now?” And pastor after pastor has told me this is a very common — monthly — question they get from the [Read More…]