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If We Could Tune Out, We Would, but …

… most of us will still vote. David Rothkopf gets it exactly right: But of course, this is one dust-up that will never end. Because in modern politics it seems the goal is to constantly find ways to smear the opposition, facts and decency be damned. That’s the reason the birther lie endures. That’s the reason that [Read More…]

Sabbath and Culture

From Rob Merola, who blogs at DaddyRoBlog: Sometimes it seems like there is not turning back the clock and the culture we have is the culture we’re stuck with.   But  we can change it. Several week’s ago Anne preached a sermon encouraging us to keep the Sabbath. She talked about the value of rest. And [Read More…]

More than Story?

Leslie Leyland Fields, at CT, has an article that pushes back against reading the Bible as Story — the title is “The Gospel is more than a Story”. She knows the importance of narrative but wonders aloud if our narrative age has led to the Bible as narrative. She pokes against a number of bad [Read More…]

As Good as it Gets?

From Mark Stevens, a pastor in Adelaide and student at Tabor Adelaide who blogs at The Parson’s Patch… In the 1997 romantic comedy ‘As Good As it Gets,’ the main character Melvin Udall, played by Jack Nicholson, turns to a room of people and asks, “What if this is as good as it gets?” Melvin [Read More…]

How is Theology Done?

How does one “do” theology? Think of how theology comes to us… sometimes it is done by constructing an entire  theology, as one finds in Origen, more or less in Augustine, but especially in Aquinas and then Calvin and the into the Protestant scholastics and then to our times: Barth, Pannenberg, Moltmann, Jenson, etc.. What [Read More…]