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Non-Religious Reasons for Church

Nick Shell (HT: JR): Therefore, I am attempting to explain why going to church is a good idea for you and your kids, not from a religious perspective, but from more of a scientific one. 1. Friends. For you as well as your kids. Most of my friends and my wife’s friends are somehow traced back to our church. [Read More…]

Gender Gap in Pronouns

By Jen Doll: There’s a new study that reveals that shifts are being made in the way we write. For a research project led by Generation Me author and San Diego State psychology professor Jean M. Twenge, with W. Keith Campbell and Brittany Gentile of the University of Georgia, the three combed through 1.2 million texts in the Google Books [Read More…]

Spacing Out? Good!

From Charlie Jane Anders: I’m totally into spacing out, finding myself in a reverie, and it is not uncommon to encounter creative ideas in that space-out zone. How about you? We all experience the state of “mind wandering” on occasion — sometimes it feels almost like going into a trance. You can be in the [Read More…]

What to do?

This post is from a friend of this blog, and he wants to have an open discussion about a topic of interest to many — here goes: I’m a middle-aged dad, married to my wife of many years, with two teen-aged kids, one a Freshman and the other a Senior in High School.  We’re currently [Read More…]

Is “Incarnation” the Right Word for Ministry?

J. Todd Billings, a good young theologian in Michigan, has a new CT article that pushes against the propriety of using “incarnation” for what we do… What do you think? Do you think “incarnational ministry” is a good theological category? In recent decades, scores of books, manuals, and websites advocating “incarnational ministry” have encouraged Christians [Read More…]