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The New Immigration Policy

It was named by politicians in committee, so the name is “Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.” It is our President’s proposal to begin resolving those who were brought into the USA by someone else. Under the new policy, people younger than 30 who arrived in the United States before the age of 16, [Read More…]

Lincoln Berean

Last weekend we were at Lincoln Berean in Lincoln NE. Wonderful experience — they have just finished a series of sermons called “Simply Jesus” and they asked me to tie some of this together into the gospel, so I spoke about the gospel of Peter in Acts 10:34-43. We were kindly treated by Mark Mathewson, [Read More…]

Women in Churches: What Women Think

From Barna: Satisfied? Broadly speaking, the research depicts two types of experiences among Christian women. The first represents the majority of Christian women. Most express a great deal of satisfaction with the church they attend when it comes to leadership opportunities. Three quarters say they are making the most of their gifts and potential (73%) [Read More…]

Jeff Cook: Could Believing in God Harm Your Soul?

This post is by Jeff Cook, and details are at the bottom. Could Believing in God Harm Your Soul? Throughout Christian history it has been common to judge those who do not believe in God as not simply unwise, but morally suspect. That if a person did not believe in God, this was not simply [Read More…]

The Demise of Letters

For some of the wonders of the internet and e-mail exchanges, including instantaneous responses and the inevitable jot-it-down and get-it-sent speed of e-mails, letter writing is no longer what it was. This becomes obvious to me whenever I read a collection of letters — like the beautiful three volumes of C.S. Lewis’ letters or my [Read More…]