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Christian Politics, with Justin Holcomb

In a recent post at the Resurgence by Justin Holcomb we find yet another example that a robust theology is not falling for political partisanship. The questions are good ones: How should Christians think about and interact with the political realm? Should Christians see any value in politics? Holcomb meanders to Augustine and Chuck Colson [Read More…]

On Spoiling Children

By Perri Klass: In the pediatric office today, parents often bring up spoiling, as that mother did last week, in reference to young babies, sleep and feeding. It’s as if the later, more confusing questions about how to respond to a child’s demands crystallize in those early months when the new baby cries and the [Read More…]

Wither the Fig Tree, Whither the Wandering Saints? (RJS)

One of the most significant questions for Protestants, and perhaps for other Christians as well, is the view of scripture as inspired by God. A significant class of problems involved in the discussion of science and the Christian faith hinge on the interpretation of scripture. In fact those of us who accept both the empirical [Read More…]

Where the Political Process Breaks Down

Asking the “Congress to confront America’s idolatry of guns was asking the fox to guard the chickens.” In fact, as Upton Sinclair put it, “It is very difficult to get someone to understand something when his salary, or his power is dependent on not understanding it.” Whatever the church has done to cajole or convince Congress [Read More…]