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What Christian Women Think

The issue of women’s experiences of churches matters to me, and I would urge folks to consider reading Sara Barton’s fine memoir, A Woman Called: Piecing Together the Ministry Puzzle. From Barna, part two: If spirituality were Olympic gymnastics, most Christian women would give their personal faith top scores. Three quarters of Christian women say [Read More…]

Pete Enns Responds

The following response by Pete Enns to Hans Madueme was first posted on Pete’s blog  at Patheos (see Pete’s post for some good discussion) and we are using it with permission for our Saturday Book Review slot. Confession: I know Hans, he is an M.D. and has been in my home for a chat, and [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Thanks to Jennifer Hudson, helping kids get school supplies! Post of the week about posting comments on blogs, by Sarah Geis. Richard Beck, always thoughtful, on “your God is too big”: “Here’s what I think. I think too much focus on God’s awesomeness leaves us ill-equipped to see God’s smallness in the world. Perhaps we’d be better able to [Read More…]