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Megachurch Satisfaction Study

From Live Science: DENVER — More and more Americans are spending their Sundays at megachurches, enormous churches with congregations numbering in the thousands. Despite the size of these churches, members don’t get lost in the crowd, new research finds. In fact, a new study of 12 representative megachurches spread across the country finds that the [Read More…]

Comment this Week

Thursday, on our post about a news item on rearing children, we got this memorable comment from “Mickey,” a pediatrician: I am the father of 6 children that are aged 13-22.5 years. I am also a practicing pediatrician in the Midwest. My wife and I have home-educated our children all the way through their “formal [Read More…]

Prayer for the Week

Almighty God, you have given your only Son to be for us a sacrifice for sin, and also an example of godly life: Give us grace to receive thankfully the fruits of his redeeming work, and to follow daily in the blessed steps of his most holy life; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, [Read More…]