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Religion and Politics and the Change

From Christian Science Monitor, where you can read the full story: For the first time since the founding of the Republic, none of the major party candidates for president or vice president is a WASP – a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant – a fact that was confirmed when Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to be his running mate. Mr. Romney [Read More…]

A Brief Defense of the Resurrection

C. Michael Patton‘s got a brief, but dense, defense of the resurrection, leading him to this conclusion: Considering the internal and external arguments for the resurrection of Christ, I don’t ask anyone to look to one of these lines of evidence alone, but to consider the cumulative case. It is very impressive. If the resurrection [Read More…]

Lee Wyatt Explains the Gospel

From Lee Wyatt: “What Do You Say?  Evangelism in 2012 For some time now I have been pondering what the presentation of the gospel to the world might look like in light of some of the changes in biblical and systematic theology over last several decades.  I don’t intend to rehearse those changes here.  Others [Read More…]

Response to King Jesus in a Soterian Church

Dear Friend, This is a difficult one, and perhaps more difficult than you perhaps know. Let me begin with an analogy from within the soterian model. An increasing number of seminary graduates are among the New Calvinists. They are entering churches that are nondescript evangelicals, and by that I mean the churches are not robustly [Read More…]

Where Christians Got it Wrong with Paul

Mark Nanos is on a mission to expound for readers of Paul a Paul who never broke from Judaism. His project, and here we are sketching some of what he says in the book edited by Mike Bird called The Apostle Paul, is both about rhetoric and theology. Nanos, who plays golf well and is a [Read More…]

King Jesus Gospel in a Soterian Church

A letter from a reader: I found your work The King Jesus Gospel (how I missed it I do not know) and it is answering many of the questioned that I had. As a reforming Soterian, I feel like I was attending a child’s tea party which has the appearance of the real thing, without [Read More…]