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The Fight

Cool pic. [Read more…]

Doctors and Burnout

From USA Today, where you can read the whole article: While the medical profession prepares for treating millions of patients who will be newly insured under the health care law, the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minn.) reports nearly 1 in 2 (45.8%) of the nation’s doctors already suffer a symptom of burnout. “The rates are higher [Read More…]

Women Thinking about the Church

From Barna: August 21, 2012 – On the whole, it would seem Christian women in the U.S. are doing just fine. When asked to evaluate their faith and the condition of their interior lives, most projected a confident, composed opinion of themselves. In this, the third of a four-part series, Barna Group explores the state [Read More…]

Qualia, Consciousness, and Zombies (RJS)

I am currently reading Christof Koch’s memoir Consciousness: Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist. Christof Koch is a Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Biology at CalTech. You can find the first two posts of his book here and here. In chapter 3 of the the book Koch looks at the nature of consciousness and why this concept [Read More…]

Theistic Evolution vs. Evolutionary Creationists

Jason Rosenhouse, about whose book Among the Creationists we have had some posts, has recently weighed in on a shift in expressions. To wit, instead of calling their view “theistic evolution” many now call themselves “evolutionary creationists.” Here is a clip from Jason with my response after the jump: I stand by that post, but lately [Read More…]