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Graham Spiers Exhibits Civility

From Graham Spiers, and more of this fine specimen of civility can be found at the link. This article is about the passing of legislation in Scotland on same-sex marriage, Cardinal O’Brien’s principled opposition, and the vitriol of those who oppose the man. Spiers: CRITICS of Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s position on gay marriage have got [Read More…]

Amy Davidson: For the GOP Opponents of Congressman Akin

Amy Davidson, at The New Yorker, has seven good questions for the GOP leaders who think Akin should resign. Not answering these questions is a sign of wind testing, not principled thinking. I’ve clipped her questions, but you can read the full article at the link: 1. You’ve said that Congressman Akin’s remarks offended you. Can [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: What about the 5-fold ministry?

This weekly column by John Frye now has a name: From the Shepherd’s Nook. Scot and Kris McKnight and I collaborated to create a title for these weekly musings. Kris suggested “From the Shepherd’s Nook.” I like it. If you are new to this column, please read the previous posts to get in touch with [Read More…]

My Favorite Lecture Ever

I return to the seminary classroom this Fall at Northern Seminary. Thinking about a return got me to pondering teaching at TEDS decades back, and that led me to my favorite lecture ever. Here goes… [Tracy, if you are reading, this one’s for you!] In the Autumn of 1989, I gave a lecture to my [Read More…]