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Norway’s Justice System

By Max Fisher: As an American, or maybe just as a moral human being, it’s hard not to feel appalled, even outraged, that Norwegian far-right monster Anders Breivik only received 21 years in prison for his attacks last year, including a bombing in Oslo and a cold-blooded shooting spree, which claimed 77 lives. That’s just under 100 [Read More…]

5 Myths about Successful Churches

This set of ideas is from Joseph Mattera: Mattera thinks the very items many measure success by today are the same items Jesus opposed in Matthew 23. “In this passage Jesus speaks against people loving titles, celebrity status, and desiring prominent places in public events.” Here are his five myths: MYTH #1: The Size of [Read More…]

Evolution and the Sting of Death (RJS)

The latest installment of the BioLogos series Southern Baptist Voices, published earlier this month, explored the troubling issue of the role death plays in evolution. John D. Laing, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Havard School for Theological Studies, raised the issue in his essay Evolution and Death. The [Read More…]

Tasting the Future Now

If you were a 1st Century Jew or Roman or Greek perhaps the most incomprehensible claim of the Christians was the belief that God’s kingdom, the Eschaton, was already at work in the here and now. That claim is on the horizontal plane of time: the future is now. At times a vertical move was [Read More…]