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The Book of Common Prayer Digs In

From James Fallows, on the impact of the BCP on our consciousness — where we hear the claim that the BCP has influenced us more than any book written in English, including the Bible. Go to the link to see some examples and see the complete essay. I have provided an example at the bottom [Read More…]

Where Leadership is Anchored

Genuine spiritual influence, or leadership, is not anchored in the gifts, abilities and strategies of the pastor or preacher or elder or leader. Genuine influence is anchored in the very opposite: in following. Mel Lawrenz, in fact, upends so much of leadership theory with these words: “The best leaders are the best followers” (Spiritual Influence, [Read More…]

Connect the Dots

There is a major question we need to ask as a society, but the question will come after a brief listing. It is a listing of violence we Americans are both exposed to throughout culture and which we engage — engage so much companies can make lots and lots of money from us by producing [Read More…]