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Theistic Evolution: Core Tenets

From BioLogos by Ted Davis: Core Tenets or Assumptions of Theistic Evolution (1) The Bible is NOT a reliable source of scientific knowledge about the origin of the earth and the universe, including living things—because it was never intended to teach us about science. (2) The Bible IS a reliable source of knowledge about God and spiritual things. (3) [Read More…]

Chapel at Southeastern

Ask any of us who travel around speaking at colleges and universities, and most of us will tell you the most challenging audience we encounter is the college chapel crowd. I believe you’ve got less than a minute to gain the attention … I did my best at Southeastern University but somehow that college chapel audience [Read More…]

Hunter-Gatherer Diet our Problem?

Herman Pontzer says No: DARWIN isn’t required reading for public health officials, but he should be. One reason that heart disease, diabetes and obesity have reached epidemic levels in the developed world is that our modern way of life is radically different from the hunter-gatherer environments in which our bodies evolved. But which modern changes [Read More…]

Ignorance: Does It Drive Both Science and Theology? (RJS)

Stuart Firestein, Professor and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at Columbia University has recently published a book with the provocative title Ignorance: How It Drives Science. This book derives from a popular class that Dr. Firestein teaches at Columbia. Ignorance is essential to science, it is what we don’t know that leads to [Read More…]

More than Believing

In her book Christianity after Religion Diana Butler Bass tells a story of sitting at a graduation listening to a strong-minded evangelical claim that someday everyone would bow before Jesus as the Lord because Jesus, like Caesar, was indeed Lord. Diana tells us the event was momentous for her and she fell into the “belief gap,” [Read More…]