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For whom will Christian Women Vote?

David Kinnaman, at Barna, has a new study on how “Christian women” (church-going, etc) will vote: Who Will They Vote For? When it comes to the “horse race,” Christian women edge toward the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, over the incumbent, Barack Obama, but they are more likely to consider voting for President Obama than are [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: “Pastor” is a Banged-up, Beautiful Word

This weekly column is from John Frye. I desire to motivate gifted leaders to consider vocational pastoral ministry, yet I do so with some seasoned hesitation. The word “pastor” is being buffeted and the vocational pastor is being urged to step into the shadows. The era of “the pastor” is over in the minds of [Read More…]

Marks of the Gift of Teaching

The apostle Paul provides a rough and ready list of (some of) the gifts God’s gives to the churches. I’m simply unpersuaded Paul thought to himself “Now what are all the gifts, now here they are, there are four of them, and that’s the complete list…” but instead this is a rough-and-ready list. Anyway, this [Read More…]