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Good one Joe!

Joe Posnanski’s great post about losing his iPad on a plane. Here’s the opening, but go read the whole thing. I left my iPad on a plane the other day. The crazy thing about it — as if there needs to be an extra layer of crazy about leaving a hugely expensive and personal and [Read More…]

Christian Century and the Gospel

Turnabout is fair play. The progressive postured The Christian Century has a brief post by David Heim asking folks to reduce the gospel to seven words. They found a nice selection of folks, but I’d classify them all as soterian gospels. In fact, I’d classify them as “God loves us” gospels. Here are some of the [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

We are getting the bugs out of our new landing/home page here at Jesus Creed — what do you think? I wondered how long this would take. When I saw the original statements of TGC and that complementarianism was put at the level of the confession I was both unsurprised (the folks organizing it were [Read More…]