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Cross in the Public

From Laura Donnelly, and at the link you can read much more: Shirley Chaplin shrinks from the limelight. As she sits in a modest bungalow in Devon, she struggles to relax, her arms wrapped around herself protectively as she recalls her private anguish. On Tuesday, the spotlight will be inescapable. Mrs Chaplin, a nurse for [Read More…]


Here I am trying to read the liturgy at Finley’s dedication; Finley has other ideas. [Read more…]

Parents, Kids, Schools

By Kevin Hartnett: Thesis: Parent time and education with children is of more value than which school kids attend. Social scientists have long tried to determine why some children grow up to be successful adults and others don’t. The causes are hard to untangle. High school dropouts tend to attend underperforming public schools and to [Read More…]

Jeff Cook: Jesus and Desire

Jeff Cook’s series on desire now moves on to Jesus. “Blessed are the Very Smart for They Will See God.” There’s a reason this beatitude strikes us poorly. It doesn’t seem to be how things work. It’s not simply that those who are mentally slower or even wise in non-analytic spheres are some how lesser [Read More…]

Rich Mouw, Abraham Kuyper, and Culture

How does the Christian live in, relate to and transform culture? This question, one that draws in the need for expertise in about fifty disciplines, shapes the lucid and informed and very brief study by Rich Mouw, Abraham Kuyper: A Short and Personal Introduction. Kuyper’s approach to the Christian and culture is a classic Calvinist formulation, [Read More…]