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Better Off?

Last week’s GOP convention forced a question upon America, and it is a question Republicans will no doubt press until the election. That question is this: Are you better off now than in 2008/2009? Good question and the sort of yardstick that can be used to measure for voting for or against a candidate. [Read More…]

The “Christian Life”: Worth Living?

By Kurt Willems: It would be safe to say that I went from conservative evangelical focuses to a progressive faith emphasis. Still holding to the essentials of the Christian theology, but believing that true discipleship meant doing certain things. It’s interesting to me looking back: at one end of the pendulum of my faith journey I [Read More…]

Ministry for All

Ed Stetzer: What are you doing to encourage a “we-all-minister” approach? In the first church I planted we did something strange, but we were tying to communicate something important. In the Sunday program, normally you would print the name of the church, phone number, and the obligatory: “Ed Stetzer, Pastor.” Instead we listed everybody. I [Read More…]

Release the APE — Beau Crosetto

A recent post by John Frye in his weekly “From the Shepherd’s Nook” column responded to an approach to ministry called “APEPT” or “APE” so we have in this column, by Beau Crosetto, an apologetic for the APE approach to ministry. Beau’s calling by God is to raise up and release apostolic & evangelistically gifted men [Read More…]

Leadership as Exploration

“The most expansive, energetic force in the world today is the Spirit of God.” So says Mel Lawrenz in Spiritual Influence. What this means, of course, is going where the Spirit leads. What this means is that the Spirit guides us into exploring where God is at work. Leadership becomes drawing others into a vision of [Read More…]