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Muslims in American Universities

From NYTimes: The issue is between supernatural vs. anti-supernatural, believer vs. anti-believer, and faith vs. anti-faith. The flow of students from the Muslim world into American colleges and universities has grown sharply in recent years, and women, though still far outnumbered by men, account for a rising share. No definitive figures are available, but interviews [Read More…]

Lisa Sharon Harper: Left, Right, and Kingdom

From Qideas, where you can read the whole piece: The political “left” and “right,” Dems and GOPers, Progressives and Conservatives claim to stand on fixed points of impervious truth on a linear spectrum that stretches across a horizontal plane from pole to pole. The spectrum’s fixed middle marks the permanent philosophical and political “center.” And, [Read More…]

Why is the Universe Unfathomably Large? (RJS)

I wrote a post a while back Why would God use 4.6 Billion years? This post arose in response to a reflection of Ben Witherington’s with respect to the creation of the earth and received quite a bit of comment. With the new feature found at the bottom of each post – You May Also [Read More…]

That Merit and Reward Language (in Jesus and Paul)

Every Protestant learns that what distinguishes a Protestant from a Catholic is that Catholics believe in merit while Protestants trust entirely in God’s grace. In fact, Catholic theology has a considered development of ideas when it comes to merits so there is reason for this. The issue, however, for the Protestant is not so much [Read More…]